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Training and Examination Methodology

Training will be in two phases (Interactive sessions (online teaching), Exercises). During the interactive sessions the concepts will be explained online by an expert teacher in Vedic Mathematics, and clarify the doubts. If the participant is not clear with the interactive sessions, they can watch the PPT with voice over (which will be provided after the interactive sessions).

After the interactive sessions the participants will be allowed to solve some exercises on the topics that they learnt through interactive sessions and PPT. There will be different level (according to the difficulty level of the problem) of exercises. If they have any doubts in solving the exercise problems or answers are not matching in the exercises, they can watch the ppts related to that problem again to get the concepts clear. Also one can ask for clarifications during the next interactive session by sending prior mail to the Vedic Math teacher.

Once they are thorough with the concepts and solving the exercises they will apply for the online test. They have to attempt a test at the end of three to four topics. Also one more test will be there once they covered all the topics.