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Testimonial By Kanpur IITians

Ankur Bansal - It is very interesting. I have heard about it, that Vedic Mathematics is very good for calculations, it is useful for CAT. But in my view it is useful for JEE exam too. I think that it can't be compared with money. It makes maths as a game of numbers, playfully one can do with 100% accuracy. It is a tonic for repair of mind.

Sandesh Aher - Very well done! Vedic Maths has not only changed my attitude towards maths but also, it has developed a sense of confidence in me. The teaching was very good. It is very rare to find an instructor teaching with a smile on his face, and this created an atmosphere of fund and everything was just like playing with numbers.

Saurabh Kumar - This course in Vedic Mathematics was an eye opener for me, I came to know the real power of Vedic Mathematics, how complex calculations can be done mentally. however I was disappointed that there is very little Vedic mathematics could do to simplify things in calculus. The course was well taught and we could understand intricacies of subject. Would be really enriching for students appearing in IIT JEE, CAT etc.

Hari OM Aggrawal - Vedic Mathematics is really a research field. I am trying to find the basic fundamentals behind these methods. The way you explain the different methods of solving the same problem are really good. It helps me a lot to do some research in this area.