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Participant Experience

Participants Experience Over a period of time we have conducted courses for students ranging from 6th standard to to college students and other professionals. Below reveals the experience of our course participants.

  • "Very useful for competitive exams" "Improves analytical ability" "Works like magic"
  • "We have never seen a class where the teacher and participants could continue to have a big smile on face throughout the course"
  • “ Absolutely amazing maths” -Gowri, 8th Std., India
  • “Extremely interesting and informative” -Dr. Bhramara, Bahrain
  • “It was a fantastic eye opener about the subject. Instructor also was amazing! He covered nice concepts very precisely in very short time. I am sure Kuwait will welcome the teacher with maximum warmth. The country needs such guidance. Thank you again!! ” -P.P. Chakraborty, Kuwait
  • “It was a very nice class. I got to learn new ways which would save lot of time ” -Animesh Wasan, 8th Std., Kuwait
  • “It was amazing. Wish I came across it earlier and my son could have benefited very much” - Divya Badlani, Kuwait
  • “It was so easy, quick and fast verification of answer also. Nice to hear and in a short time 45 Minutes, we learned lot and we can teach our children also. if Teaching professionals can get more advantages of it to teach students. Thanks” -Ramachandrappa, M, Kuwait
  • “Maths has always been a favorite subject for me. With this VEDIC outlook, I am sure to further enjoy the 'game of numbers. Teaching was clear and to the point” - Ramana Murty B.V., Kuwait
  • “That was excellent. Not only me even my 8 yrs old daughter is interested in this” - Anuj Singhal, Kuwait
  • “The presentation was really good. It brought out all the aspects of Vedic maths” - Shivani Deshmukh, Kuwait.
  • “The session was Excellent! looking forward to join the next possible session” - Sreekumar Mankuzhy, Kuwait.
  • “This is a very easy way of learning Mathematics. I liked the teacher very much. I would like to say that others also just participate in this. Thank You” - Vivek somakumar, Kuwait
  • “Very good session, very clear explanations, the presenter was able to answer all my doubts. Would definitely continue” - Viji Dilip, USA
  • “It was very interesting. Ramesh sir teaches very well. I learnt a lot from this session. I would like to attend more of these sessions. I don't mind paying money for such a useful course” – Rajeshwari Nachiyar, Bahrain
  • “This is a wonderful presentation. Short and crisp and gives an idea of what is in Vedic maths. A must view for all” - Swati Sahasrabudhe, Pune India
  • “It' really a good easy and fast approach to solve the problems. Instead of opening the calculator, if this method is practiced then our minds will be the best calculator duly charged forever” – Usha Rani, Mumbai, India