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1.Who can attend the Vedic Mathematic Course ?

Ans. Students of class five & above, aspirants of competitive exams, teachers, parents and those who are interested in learning Mathematics

2.If I miss any class, then how can I cover it?

Ans. For every fortnight we organize one extra session common to all batches.

3. How the doubts will be clarified through online?

Ans. If the doubts raised during the online session, you can request the instructor by chat message and by using raising hand facility in the system. And the instructor will clarify your doubts immediately, If you are getting the doubts after the class, you can email us and within two working days we will respond to your query. If required we will arrange a special online session for you to clarify the doubts.

4. Are the class recordings available?

Ans. The pdf file of the class will be available with class notes and homework. This is sufficient enough for one to recall and revise the topics.