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About Bharati Krisna Tirtha (Founder)

The 143rd Shankarācārya of Govardhana Peeth was Swami Bharati Krihsna Teertha Ji. In July 1899 he was honored by the epithet ‘Sarasvati’ for his proficiency in Sanskrit. In 1904 he appeared for M. A. examination, simultaneously with six subjects from Bombay center of American College of Science, Rochester, New York. These subjects are Sanskrit, Philosophy, English, Mathematics, History and Science. He came out with flying colors by securing first position in all the six subjects. This was indeed an éclat. He was bestowed with the new name ‘Swami Bharati Krishna Teertha’.

 In 1925 he became the 143rd Shankarācārya of Govardhan Peetha, Puri. During his Sādhanā period in Shringeri, and while working as Shankarācārya, he contemplated on mathematics. As a result of his extensive research and gifted intuition, he formulated 16 Sūtras and 13 UpSūtras. He developed various methods for Arithmetic operations, Algebraic equations, Trigonometry and other disciplines of mathematics. He wrote 16 volumes; one on each of the 16 Sūtras. It is very unfortunate that these volumes were destroyed in a fire. The loss of these volumes was confirmed in 1956 when he rewrote one introductory volume. This is his only work on Mathematics now available.

In February 1958, he visited USA and UK for delivering lectures on Vedanta and Vedic mathematics. He spoke at several colleges and universities. These were well attended and he interacted with several eminent personalities like Dr. Arnold Toynbee and Dr. Albert Einstein. NBC television telecasted his interview on Vedic Mathematics.

In 1958 he delivered a lecture series on Vedic Mathematics in Nagpur university and then in Varanasi. He fell seriously ill in 1959 and attained Mahasamadhi on 2 Feb, 1960 (Vasanta pancami) in Mumbai. He had a number of eminent disciples which include our ex-president Dr. Rajendra Prasad, ex-chief justice B. P. Sinha, renowned Sanskrit scholar Dr. C. D. Deshmukh to name a few. His published literature includes ‘Vedic Mathematics’ and ‘Vedic Metaphysics’ (based on Swami Ji’s speeches and interviews) both published by Motilal Banarasidas, New Delhi; Sanātana Dharma (Collection of Swami Ji’s speeches on same subject) and Stotra Bhārati Kanthahāra Part 1 and 2 ( Collection of hymns and other poetic literature by Swami Ji) both published by Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Mumbai.